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Exhibition at the Berliner Philharmonie

A small selection of photos of the exhibition „400 Jahre Berliner Geigenbau“, which took place at the Berliner Philharmonie from 22.10.2015 until 29.11.2015. The exhibition consisted of 100 string instruments that were built betwee 1615 and 2015. 60 of the instruments are shown and described in the newly released image book "Berliner Geigenbau - Band 1".

The Showcases are commercially available

The showcases were specially designed and built for the presentation of string instruments. One showcase houses eight violins, allowing the instruments to be viewed from every direction. A cello can be placed at the bottom of each showcase, while still fitting four violins above.

Each violin maker can present his instruments in a optimal way in these showcases. The lighting consists of 4 (UV light-free) LED spots (7 Watt) which are suitable for museums. The power supply of the lighting needs a voltage of 24V and 1,5A. At the exhibition all showcases were powered by a single power supply; so a power supply is not included with each individual showcase purchase, but if wanted, can be bought additionally from us.

Sale price: 480 €
The original cost was 980 € per showcase.

Measurements: base area: 50x50cm, height: 210cm
Securityglass. Door key can only be removed when the Showcase is closed. The silver corner profile of the showcase allows you to choose any height for the three glass bottoms.

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